Jodi Feist King

I am a shamanic healer dedicated to helping family, community, and the greatest good of humanity. I provide healings for individuals and ancestral lineages, moving outside of time and space via shamanic methods, to help restore the balance between masculine and feminine energies. Once this balance has been restored there is a sense of empowerment and wholeness as opaque elements, related to creation in one’s life, become transparent.

Having been born and raised on the prairie lands in the USA, I developed an intimate relationship with the land that I loved so much. My childhood was idyllic with most days spent outside in a small community barefoot and happy with the stars overhead and wheat fields underfoot for my company. My family was married to the land in a way that most don’t experience. As our livelihood depended upon Her to provide for us, we took great care to honour and love Her for providing so much. The lifestyle was not easy and we didn’t have much in way of material things, but what we had we shared with each other. This “sacred marriage” with the land is what all humans are meant to have. “To be” the land is to have peace, love, selflessness and harmony in one’s heart.

At the age of 10 this lifestyle was grossly interrupted with the birth of a family business. My family and I became part of the American dream, working hard in office and factory settings in order to achieve more, gain more, and have more. I continued down this path pursuing professional degrees and marrying a banker, living in London United Kingdom. After 20 years of marriage and three daughters, I arrived at a crossroads in my life where I realised that this “divorce from the land” had produced profound effects on my emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

After embarking on the shamanic path I have become an instrument for higher intelligence to work it’s healing magic on those who seek to have the "sacred marriage” between the masculine and feminine, reinstated in their lives. I now live near Moretonhampstead in Devon with my two huskies and lovely daughter.