Shadow Healings

Masculine & Feminine Imbalances

I am a Shamanic healer. I work with masculine and feminine energy and help heal imbalances for individuals, as well as, ancestral lineages. I can now clearly see that each of the 7 billion+ who make up our species at some point, lost their connection with the land, with nature, with the nature of themselves. Perhaps some can remember this "sacred marriage". Others have family lineages, where the divorce happened so many generations ago, that they can no longer remember what wholeness feels like. They can't understand how and from where the feelings of emptiness and sadness come. "Material Things" won't heal this grievous trauma. To connect with nature within, is to connect with the nature without. This is the key to happiness, love and compassion for all. I endeavour to work day and night to reconnect as many as I am able with this sacred marriage.

Imbalance causing dis-ease

You will receive information about and a healing of your disharmonious energies, specifically the relationship between your masculine and feminine, which will be brought up out of the subconscious into the conscious self for examination. This internal energy is what is being mirrored, created, in your external reality. In order to change repetitive patterns of behaviour in your life you must first be able to identify and become extremely familiar with them. This concentrated healing of the disharmony causing dis-ease internally and externally will be completed. (£100)*

Eight energy centres (the Roses)

A complete composite reading and healing of your eight energetic centres, which will illuminate the primary imbalances within the relationship between your masculine and feminine internally and externally. The breakdown of each energy centre allows you to see how you create specific repetitive patterns in your life and why. A completed scan chart of each energy centre and a workbook with a proven method for changing your subconsciously driven patterns, will be given to you. This process is time consuming, potent in healing and rich in information. (£1000)*

Trauma in your ancestral lineage

Your ancestral lineage will be targeted for any masculine and feminine energy imbalances, specifically the exact moment in your family history when the energetic disharmony with the planet occurred. Healing of this trauma will be given, which will have an effect on the entire lineage of your ancestors and of your descendents. This healing will be a major step forward in re-instating the “sacred union” of your lineage’s masculine and feminine energies once again. (£500)*

Healings can be given remotely.

*all proceeds will be given to Extinction Rebellion which aims to save our species and all species from extinction. The loss of 60% of our biodiversity since 1970, with no signs of stopping, needs direct action today! Tomorrow is too late for our children and their children. If you can’t become directly involved please make this contribution. Many thanks for walking the talk!